Daycare Newmarket Reviews

27th Jul 2012

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For daycare in newmarket you can call me for references, any time please. We and my daughter in special, we are very happy that we had found this daycare in Newmarket area. I tried also Aurora and some around of York Region but Diana daycare come up to be very convenient for us. then we went and visit this daycare. Has everything you need including the home made food. thank you so much Diana !!!!

Diana Daycare in Newmarket is ECE, very professional and her daycare is an example for how a daycare should be ! I can tell many stories, but this one related to Diana Daycare in Newmarket is amazing. I only want to mentioned that I had to move my child from other daycare due to not very happy decision I made. So I met Diana and from that moment I realize how a real daycare should look like. Amazing differences, how blind I was ! She, Diana is ECE certified, that's her job, this is what she is doing for living so this is not just a temporarly hobby until she's finding a new job, like majority of other daycare providers. Oh boy, thanks God , Diana was recommended to me in the right time!

Excellent Service ! After 3 years of experiences with Diana, I put my little son in Diana's Daycare as well. Very happy, if I will have my 3-rd child I will most likely do the same.

this is my first post on google just to mention thank you Diana for taking care on my daughter for over 3 years +. Great home daycare in Newmarket location, very nice and careful. Btw the food is excelent .

This child care Newmarket Ontario location called Diana Daycare gave us exactly what we were looking for. We didn't know how important is to be ECE certified and not like other "daycare providers" which they are unemployed mom ( sorry moms all respect but ... ) and looking to get some cash back to pay the bills. Man huge differences !

Daycare in Newmarket location is not that easy to find how you believe at the first sight. Very professional and helpful person was Diana Boldis, the owner of Diana Daycare Newmarket business . I am calling her for the 2-nd child to secure a place for the next year already. And for this review, it was my idea andI promised her I will leave her a review to help her in business, was my pleasure to do it and recommend to anyone.

After I talked to Diana I visit Diana daycare in the next week. I interviewed 5 daycares in Newmarket , but nothing compare with Diana daycare. First I was pleasant shocked about the quality of her service, everything is home made food !!! . Her policy is very strict, no junk food my daycare , period ! Hygiene is one of her first priority, but again my son is happier now and he's going / coming from the daycare smiling and not like before crying and scared . I don't want to mention the name of the other daycare from where my son was switched over to Diana, but please pay attention to whom you handle your own child.

Healthy food is the number one for Diana Daycare. I know Diana since she was operating in Toronto but my friend hire her daycare and she's been thankfully from the day one.

Pam and Jimm
I found dianadaycare website and called Diana for appointment. She was very friendly but she is having a high ECE education and experiences. That's the reason I choosed Diana's Daycare. Until now still my son is in the same daycare and it will be until he will start the public school.

Greatest Daycare in Newmarket , very happy with our decision. 99% satisfied !!!